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Child bride horror

Poppy Louw | 04 August, 2014 00:00
HUNTED: Bonisiwe Sithole, 17, at her home in Magangangosi, KwaZulu-Natal. She has been the victim of an attempted 'ukuthwala' abduction four times this year. Image by: Shelly Christians

Seventeen-year-old schoolgirl Bonisiwe Sithole constantly lives under the threat of forced marriage - justified as conforming to the tradition of ukuthwala.

A survivor of four attempts at abduction by would-be "husbands" - three in one week - the Kwa-Zulu-Natal teenager fears that if her assailants are not arrested she will become just another statistic.

"They said I'm going to be a wife to one of them. I'm afraid of going to school and only feel safe at home. I'm angry because they want to ruin my life and my future," [Read More]

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