29 NOVEMBER 2022

The CRL Rights Commission has learned with outrage about the attack on Saturday by six armed robbers who stormed into the Seven Day Adventist Church in central Johannesburg and allegedly took away phones, cash, and offering.

The CRL Rights Commission strongly condemns this attack and unequivocally states that there can never be any justifiable reason whatsoever for anyone to attack a place of worship. The Commission sees these types of attacks as acts of serious assault on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a constitutional violation of the rights of those believers who use it for their religious reasons.

Deplorably, this unpleasant incident demonstrates such an enormous loss of moral compass in pursuit of personal selfish and criminal interests, undoubtedly, an attack on the spiritual principles of peace and love for one another which are the basis that should regulate and guide our existence, and human interaction and co-existence.

The Chairperson of the CRL Rights Commission, Professor David Mosoma condemns this incident which shows total contempt for a place that is held in high regard by the believers who use it for fellowship and their worship services.

The Commission appeals to the law enforcement agencies not only to find the people who committed this despicable act but also to give them the harshest punishment.

Issued by the CRL Rights Commission

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