The following need to be known by communities when they believe that their cultural, religious or linguistic rights are denied or violated:

How should complaints be lodged?

A complaint should be made in writing, in prescribed forms in various ways including walk-in, fax, email, postal address, referrals, telephone, and any other mode of communication. The Complainant must complete a complaint form in order to capture his/ her personal details. Forms can also be accessed on the website of the Commission: www.crlcommission.org.za or by requesting the Commission to send such to those in need. However, the Commission will assist those who cannot write or the disabled to put their complaints in writing.

When can a community lodge a complaint with the Commission?

A person belonging to a cultural, religious or linguistic community may lodge a complaint with the Commission when that person/community believes that rights are threatened or that they are denied the right to enjoy and practice their culture and religion and use their language; as well as when that community is denied the right to freely form, join and maintain cultural, religious and linguistic associations.

Complaint Form

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