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The CRL Rights Commission Act, 19 of 2002 provides for investigation of and conflict resolution on any issue concerning the rights of cultural, religious and linguistic communities- (Section 5(1)(e) and (g). Since its inception in 2004, the CRL Rights Commission receives complaints and requests from CRL communities. Most of the complaints raise complex issues which often require extensive investigation to establish the nature of the complaint. Notwithstanding some challenges, the Conflict Resolution sub-programme commits itself to successfully resolve the complaints received relevant to the mandate of the CRL Rights Commission. Depending on the nature of the conflict, it is often necessary to engage more people and communities using dialogue to prevent the emergence of similar complaints in the same community. Dialogue, as a recognisable conflict resolving mechanism, is the main method relied on to resolve conflict with a view to achieving consensus.

ICR Reports

The ICR Reports were launched on Wednesday 17 April 2013

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Public Holidays vs Religious/Cultural Holydays report 

Dress Code Report


Complaints Forms

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