People are church cash cows - CRL Deputy Chairperson

10 March 2016

The Deputy Chairperson of the Commission,  Professor David Mosoma said church leaders were making citizens cash cows. "The challenge we have in this country is that each and every person who does not have employment, the first line of call is to start a church.

"People of this country believe. If you say 'God has said', they will follow you. So, because of that vulnerability, people exploit it for financial gain," said Mosoma.

The Commission yesterday held a hearing in Mahikeng, North West.

"Churches have become more like business. Some, when you walk into their churches, there are ATMs or speedpoints so that they would not take the little donation you want to give willingly," Mosoma said.

"Your donation is measured by how much you give and it creates your status more than your faith . It destroys the integrity of the word of God."

Among church leaders who appeared was Ebube Osuchukwu of Camp of Fire Ministries International. The church has been operating in Mahikeng since August 2012 and registered as a nonprofit company in January 2013 with branches in Nigeria and Botswana.Mosoma said the commission was concerned about foreign pastors flocking into SA using work permits and later starting churches.

CRL Rights Commission launches re-use of graves report

26 May 2015

On Tuesday, 26 May 2015, the CRL Rights Commission launched its report entitled "The re-use of graves by local government". The Commission had undertook a study on the use and re-use of graves after it received a number of complaints from the public, particularly from the eThekwini Metro Municipality area. Read more

Albinism in South Africa

08 October 2015

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between CRL Rights Commission and Albinism Society of South Africa. The Signing was done by the Chairperson of the Commission Ms Thoko Mkhwanzi-Xaluva and the National Director of ASSA Ms Nomasonto Mazibuko and Undlunkulu Ma Mchiza from the Zulu Royal House was in attendance  


Investigative study on the commercialization of religion

20 August 2015 •  Braamfontein  • 

On Thursday, 20 August 2015, the CRL Rights Commission launched an investigative study into the commercialisation of religion. "We are launching an investigative study on the commercialisation of religion and the abuse of people's belief systems in terms of when these institutions are being run, how are they being run, where is their funding going into, who collects how much and what do they do with the money, where does the money eventually go to, what are the governing principles that are there," said chairperson Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xalavu.